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Hi, I'm ASTRO!

I'm helping people around the world optimize their health with personalized supplement routines.

Here are some of the Health Objectives we're achieving:

The easiest way to take supplements

Daily packets, made just for you

Track your health. See results.

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It's easy
Chat with ASTRO via Messenger to monitor your mood, energy, productivity and more. Optimize your combo every month.
Get more out of your wearables
Track your workout performance, sleep quality, and more with support for your favorite apps and devices, like Fitbit. See how you respond to different supplements.

Together, we're discovering the most
effective supplements

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An open research community
Our users are collecting real-world evidence on the effectiveness of supplements.
Learn from one another
Compare your results to the community and find the best ways to optimize your health.

Your health journey starts today

Build your first Combo and see how easy it is to optimize your health.

We believe in better ingredients

Our values are simple:

An emphasis on whole food, natural supplements

No proprietary blends. Just simple, whole food ingredients so that you can easily tell which supplements are responsible for your effects.

Honesty, transparency & data

We've worked hard to source the highest quality supplements, and we are proud to share them with you. We will always disclose our ingredients: where they come from, how they're processed, and the science behind their effectiveness.

Ongoing, personalized health

You are dynamic, and so is your health. As your goals and needs change, your combo adapts. Try new supplements, track their effects, and reach your short and long-term goals.